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The question is..... will 2018 bring DMB 4.0 or will 3.0 continue?
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3.0 still. Nothing will change.
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Originally Posted by Tomacco View Post
I think all these songs improved in 2008-2016 compared to 2003-07:

You Might Die Trying
So Right
Rhyme & Reason
Old Dirt Hill

The Space Between
The Stone
Say Goodbye
Fool To Think

So Much To Say
What Would You Say
Too Much
The Dreaming Tree
The Last Stop
Proudest Monkey
Can't Stop
Break Free
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
Louisiana Bayou
When the World Ends
I Did It
Out of My Hands
Eh Hee
Big Eyed Fish
Sweet Up and Down

And all these ones used to be better, IMO:

One Sweet World

Lie In our Graves
#41 (excluding 2009, when this song was at its most consistent peak, IMO)
Drive In Drive Out
Don't Drink the Water
Where Are You Going
Grey Street
Good Good Time

The Song That Jane Likes
Busted Stuff
Grace Is Gone

And then there's a few songs where I love both lineups' take in different ways:

Seek Up
Two Step

Sugar Will
You Never Know
Hello Again
Crazy Easy
Ants Marching
Best of What's Around
Typical Situation

I guess if there's one main takeaways here, it's that 3.0 definitely made a good chunk of the band's mediocre/meh songs much much better.
In 2014 many of the improvements turned to shit. Many of these songs have devolved since then into noise and speed. But I'll give you that the bold improved between 2008 and 2013. I just listened to a version of OSW from July 2014 and the song, while tired in its intro-less form, is still listenable. It's not being bashed out so fast and clunkily as to get through it as it is now. Another great example is Granny which also changed for the worse during that summer tour and has stayed that way. The song used to be well over 4 minutes and now they crank it out in under 4. Ruination.

But yes, for a while DMB 3.0 had its pluses. And I am still surprised about the old songs I think they've improved. But I think it's because they added some needed raucousness to the playing. Sadly, for me, it only worked for a few songs.
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