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Originally Posted by That's it, Sir. View Post
At the end of 2015 I was forced out of a position working on a 24 hour crisis response unit for victims of human trafficking when a client took my picture and sent it to her pimp who was a blood while I was transporting her to a visit so she could see her child who was a ward of the state at the time. After a few attempts on my life, I resigned after I was told I could not be reassigned due to limited staffing and my role conducting outreach state wide for missing and runaway minors.

I consulted with my wife and gave one week's notice.

After burning through nearly all my savings, looking for a job for 7 months in the desolate county of Atlantic here in lovely New Jersey, I landed a position as volunteer coordinator for a non profit. Great! I didn't really want to go back to that field but my experience for over a decade is in this type of social work-y role. No sweat job, no danger! No direct care. What could possibly go wrong?

Six months ago in December, I interviewed a young man that wanted to volunteer. During the interview he disclosed that he uses marijuana and that he often encourages clients at the soup kitchen he currently volunteers at to go off of their psych meds and do the same. Also, before the interview was over, he asked me on a date. I replied courteously and professionally and sent him a letter two weeks later stating that we could not use him as a volunteer at that time.

Over the last six months he has emailed and contacted myself and the agency I work for multiple times, in some instances more than once a day saying he was discriminated against by me because he was different and that I am prejudice.

Right up to this week he has made contact and has gone as far as coming to the city I work in and dissuading potential clients from coming where I work for service on the grounds they will be discriminated against.

In addition to that, I work in a dangerous neighborhood and was present when state police raided the shelter I work in with AR15's when we were housing a person who hadn't disclosed they were wanted in connection in an investigation regarding a homicide in a different County.

I can not fucking wait to get out of here and focus on music and get a day job installing windshields or tending bar.

I have seen more death, suicide and repugnant human nature than I can ever forget over the last 12 years.

I needed to get that off my chest in confidential "safe place". Is it June 15th yet?

Thanks, TDC.
Originally Posted by That's it, Sir. View Post
My poor dog had a seizure right after I got home from work today two minutes into our walk. I carried him home. He's doing ok, thank you both.
Damn bro. I'm so sorry to hear about both of these posts .
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That's it, Sir.
I understand.
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Rolling with the punches. I;m feeling very positive about moving and my dog is recovering nicely. Guess who ate boiled steak all day? Thanks for taking a second to be kind!
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oh shit!

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Good lord work sucks today. A bunch of my IT department called out and we have a pile of new associates starting. Fucking disaster.
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