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Rudy Giuliani

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Thoughts on Boyd

It's pretty well established that Boyd is musically the weakest link of DMB. All one has to do is listen to his solo album, True Reflections, or consider the positive reception of recent shows featuring his absence. Although to be fair, anyone except Dave himself is completely replaceable in the band. And lately, after listening to Come Tomorrow, perhaps Dave should consider replacing himself as well. His successor could scarcely do worst.

What isn't well established at this point is whether Boyd sexually assaulted or harassed James Frost-Winn. Let's be clear: this isn't a case where the defendant stands credibly accused by many independent witnesses (e.g. Cosby, Sandusky, Weinstein, Roy Moore). This is one person's word against another's. There are no other independent public allegations. There is no criminal investigation or report.

What is there? Well, there's a lawsuit asking for $9 MILLION dollars in damages. This lawsuit was filed years after the alleged conduct occurred. It came after Frost-Winn's attorneys acknowledged a failed attempt to shake Boyd down for money. It comes from a washed-up trumpet player, a former "street musician," (read: homeless guy) and ex-member of Boyd's side-project, Crystal Garden.

Frost-Winn acknowledges in the complaint that they met in 2007, and their relationship persisted for years. Perhaps the complaint's crescendo is where Boyd allegedly rubbed Frost-Winn's butt in November 2015, however, Frost-Winn didn't quit the band until after August 2016, over 9 months later. All the while continuing to hang out with Tinsley socially, send Tinsley selfies, and accept gifts. Again, this is all coming from Frost-Winn, and represents his one-sided account and best day in court.

There are enough red flags here to give anyone pause. Unless you're the sort of simple-minded fool who believes that people never lie or falsely accuse others of wrongdoing, then just place yourself in Boyd's dirty socks for a minute. People lie all the time. About everything and nothing. The only difference between Boyd being falsely accused, and one of you losers, is that Boyd actually has some cash to siphon away. Which supplies the oldest motive of all.

It may turn out that other members of Crystal Garden come forward (Frost-Winn's complaint indicates other members of the band experiences similar harassment). It may be other independent allegations surface that corroborate Boyd's alleged behavior. If that were to happen, the known evidence would change. But right now, there isn't any reason to believe Boyd engaged in any wrongdoing whatsoever.

First, Boyd has denied the allegations publicly. Second, we know he had the opportunity to pay off Frost-Winn privately in a closed settlement, and none would be the wiser, and he refused. Third, multiple things can be true at once. For example, it can be true Boyd had a consensual sexual relationship with Frost-Winn that ultimately soured, leading to a blackmail situation when Frost-Winn's golden goose stopped laying eggs. As a public figure with a wife and two children, and, especially as a potential black man on the 'down low' Boyd would have made a vulnerable target. And all of that could be true while at the same time it being true that Frost-Winn inflated and exaggerated his story to include unwanted touching, etc.

It's absurd that people are treating Frost-Winn as some sort of doe-eyed naive ingenue who wilted under the malicious pressure of the terrifying black man. We're talking about a 30 year old former homeless street busker. Even though this band has deteriorated into complete shit over the the last 20 years, I've been a fan since the early 90s. So have most of you, and it's the most fair-weather, bandwagon-er, backstabbing, cowardly sort of person that washes their hands of Boyd over unsubstantiated, uncorroborated, denied, and utterly weak allegations like these.

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