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Moore Soul
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Originally Posted by sean52692 View Post
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To be fair, maybe she does view her mother as a racist. Who knows. It's an interesting revelation, nevertheless.
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You failed this band
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I love the media's representation of recent riots as "mostly peaceful."

Or ABC's recent headline of "peaceful demonstration intensified." So. Much. Peace. Man. The peace just intensified and got so peaceful and nice that dangerous riots occured.

Our media is truly one of the worst institutions.
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i get all of my news from "wait wait don't tell me"
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The reason they frame it that way is they want to imply it was “all peaceful, man” until someone from outside the “all peacefulness, man” came in and incited the violence and/or destruction.

What they don’t say is these things always deteriorate over time and that usually if there is incitement it’s from far-left groups (in this scenario) for the exact reason of getting the media to report the narrative above.
Sober Thoughts with Mario: A TDC+ Exclusive

Vol. 3

From this past spring:

Originally Posted by mario View Post
Without the sort of shutdown that we're seeing now, 80% of people would be infected and 4 million people would die within three months.

With "mitigation" strategies in place (all symptomatic cases in the US in isolation. Families of those cases quarantined. All Americans over 70 social distancing) 2 million people die in the next 3 months.


If we ever relax the suppression levels back to "mitigation" policies, we go right back to 2 million people dead within three months.

This continues until there is a disseminated vaccine, currently 18 months from now.
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