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Originally Posted by Tomacco View Post
Figured I'd listen to ED for the first time in like 8 years. Some new perspectives popped out at me. The most shocking upon relistening is that Roi is actually more prominent on this album than I remembered. Roi plays all over the verses of IIHIA, which I had no memory of, and he's more prominent on Angel and FTT than I remembered. And of course, he's a big part of STDH.
I also went through a very long phase of hating Mother Father, but have come around to it. I like it now. There's a lot of interesting instrumentation in it.

Some other things:

- The only time you can really hear Boyd is honestly his IDI rap. All his other playing is indecipherable from synths.

- There are Roi/Boyd parts I've gotten so used to live that I'm surprised don't even register on these tracks. For example, the horn line in the bridge of Space Between doesn't even sound like a sax! It sounds like a casio synth of a horn.

- I was a bit surprised Carter sounds better than I remembered on this album. Especially on DOOF, FTT and Mother Father.

- 20 years later I still think Angel is over-hated like crazy. It's also one of the few tracks you can hear sax on throughout too.

- I like Everyday (the song) on this album. It's probably my favorite studio cut from the album.

- SU is definitely worse.

- Due to its lack of Boyd, this album reminds me of Come Tomorrow, though I might actually like ED better. Going to listen to CT right after this. (EDIT: I'm only on Samurai Cop and now I'm realizing that Carter maybe doesn't sound that great on ED after all - he sounds awesome on SC)
Iíll give it this. It does have cohesion. I think itís better than CT and Stand Up. The production tries to be too cute, which likely buries some of the merits of these songs. Also, you can feel Ballards influence in the very standard song structures.

Compared to latter day DM, the lyrics are way less offensive than most of the shit thatís been churned out in the last 15 or so years.
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