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Talking The Aviation Thread

Anyone else here an aviation/airplane nerd? I’ve seen a few neat articles lately outlining super cool technical advances in aeronautics efficiencies and passenger safety/cabin experience.

Apparently airlines are teasing the idea of flying in formations to aid in fuel efficiency, similar to what birds do when flying in “V” formations. Great article here that gets into the science behind the idea. They measured the heart rates of pelicans and found that those flying in formation experienced a 14% decrease in heart rate, which theoretically could translate into energy savings for airlines performing similar maneuvers.

[Only registered users can see links.]

A fascinating article outlining several new (really cool) cabin features in response to COVID-19:

[Only registered users can see links.]

And KLM is testing their new “Flying-V” dual-cabin aircraft.

[Only registered users can see links.]

Anyways, just a fun topic to discuss. One of the COVID-19 silver linings is going to be airlines and aircraft makers getting pushed into all sorts of innovation that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Soon, flying is going to be much less of the germ cesspool that it’s been in previous years and long term we may continue to see price drops between airlines trying to get customers back while finding new ways to reduce fuel costs.
Sober Thoughts with Mario: A TDC+ Exclusive

Vol. 3

From this past spring:

Originally Posted by mario View Post
Without the sort of shutdown that we're seeing now, 80% of people would be infected and 4 million people would die within three months.

With "mitigation" strategies in place (all symptomatic cases in the US in isolation. Families of those cases quarantined. All Americans over 70 social distancing) 2 million people die in the next 3 months.


If we ever relax the suppression levels back to "mitigation" policies, we go right back to 2 million people dead within three months.

This continues until there is a disseminated vaccine, currently 18 months from now.
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