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Originally Posted by wiebrod View Post
Sister played college softball and went on a trip for softball in Virginia in 1993. They had a night off before they flew home the next day so they decided to go out that night. Some people around Charlottesville recommended to go see DMB. She went that night and someone was handing out tapes of a previous show to people and since they were college students from out of town in made sense to hand it to them. She thought DMB was ok but for some reason thought I would like the tape she got. When she got back home she gave me the tape and I was hooked.

I then got on the Internet in it's infancy and took hours looking them up. Then I got on mailing lists to follow them. I will admit that I was scared to send emails at the time because I was 13 and the Internet was so dman new.
wow. Thats awesome.
Originally Posted by MaLaKaS View Post
The band is just jerking off on our faces right now...and I am proud to be a dirty whore.
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Christopher James
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I remember listening to UTTAD on a portable CD player in 4th and 5th and 6th grade and amazed by it then.. and seeing DMB on 8.29.00 turned me into a real hardcore fan.
Making up for lost time.
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Originally Posted by TheNoise View Post
Yeah. Typical is pretty flawless on UTTAD. I'm listening to the album with really good headphones right now.
Rois solo here is one of my fave studio recordings ever... Love the tempo. I listened to it with some nice headphones a few years back and discovered Dave's "Yeah-eah-eah eah" for the first time. Immediate goose bumps!
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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
Are you in the Minarets archive?
I'm sure I am, I'd have to go back and look sometime. My family didn't get Internet for the longest time and the only place I could really got on was at school and I had to work hard then so I didn't do much on the mailing lists myself but I had some of my sisters friends who I knew help me out because they were in college and could get on the mailing list and get me addresses to share tapes. Problem is I can't remember the email addresses of my sisters friends or the one I was able to use so I'll have to take some time to get on Minarets archive and look.

It's weird thinking about access to the Internet back then in talking about this. I was 13 so honestly I was scared crapless about the Internet and talking to primarily college kids so I didn't do much other than trade tapes.
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Mr. DMB, I don't feel so good.
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[Only registered users can see links.]

Brand/Label/Format: *Sony Legacy LP*

Coming November 24, 2014 pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately!

This item not eligible for any further discount offers!

Vinyl Reissue of 1994 Debut Album!

Under the Table and Dreaming was the 1994 debut album from the Dave Matthews Band. The album contains the single "What Would You Say", which features Blues Travelers' John Popper on harmonica. Two other singles from the album are "Ants Marching" and "Satellite".

• Vinyl LP

1. The Best of What's Around
2. What Would You Say
3. Satellite
4. Rhyme & Reason
5. Typical Situation
6. Dancing Nancies
7. Ants Marching
8. Lover Lay Down
9. Jimi Thing
10. Warehouse
11. Pay For What You Get
12. #34
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Is Old
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20 Years of Under the Table and Dreaming

Yeah, basically just the CD on vinyl with no bonus stuff. Not all that exciting.
Itís all a load of bullocks, and bullocks to it all.
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Homers Beer Run Champion!
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Originally Posted by Bluewater34 View Post
It's also the 20th anniversary of another of my favorite albums, Ruby Vroom, by the way.
Variety of emotion is just makes the music different colors. - LeRoi Moore
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bla bla bla sandwich
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26 years ago today.
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homesick android
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Love studio Granny.
"If we do not believe in freedom of expression for those we despise we don't believe in it at all." ~ Noam Chomsky
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Originally Posted by gweeps View Post
Love studio Granny.
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