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You failed this band
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I would love if we had a big huge running list of our show rankings.
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2/16/96, Pepin Gymnasium, Middlebury, VT
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9/12/06 Review:

One Sweet World: So, first off, disclaimer that I attended this show. And this was during a two-year period where OSW seemed to follow me as an opener, and admittedly I was pretty tired of it. That being said, this was before it got totally horn-sectioned, so it's not a bad version.

Proudest Monkey: Mellow start to the set, which is fine. Felt a little strange in an arena to start so mellow compared to a summer night outdoors, but whatever. Nice breezy version.

Satellite: Standard.

Dreamgirl: This was my first time hearing Dreamgirl that tour, since it didn't come back until mid-August. You know, the song gets a lot of shit, and in some ways it's totally justified. But musically, I dig it, and when it's concise like this, you can get in, enjoy Roi, and leave happy. At this point, the flow of this show remains breezy as ever.

Big Eyed Fish: Solid performance. Of course it's going into Bartender.

Grey Street: I think the non-Bartender twist was incredibly rare at the time, and really threw me. It works very well, actually, and makes sense since it's on the same guitar. Still a truncated version, but not a bad one, made more enjoyable by its unexpectedness and the jolt of energy.

Idea of You: Dave's guitar sounds really crisp, bright and loud in this one. I really like this version actually. Dave's voice holds up, Carter has a bunch of fun fills, and the performance is overall very tight like the best of the 2006 ones.

Loving Wings: An unexpected treat. This was in the first days of the I Dream of Jeannie interpolations, and something interesting I noticed here is that Rashawn actually plays the riff quietly through the verses of the song, not just the jam. But the jam is killer and really takes off.

Crash Into Me: Feels like a fitting pick after Loving Wings. A tighter, crowd-friendly love song after the more jammy one.

The Last Stop: Everyone sounds great on this. 2006 was the first year for some of the "horn section" fills and I was thrilled by them. There was such energy and power in these performances, compared to the 2003 ones which were great but felt a little more hollow. Reprise here is great and not overlong.

Can't Stop: After two years of modern Can't Stop, it's funny to go back and hear these first slow versions. This song confused me back then. It felt like DMB had written a demo or skeleton of a song and then didn't finish it. I never understood why there were no horns on it especially. Dave's voice is a bit rough on this version, and the whole performance is silly and a waste of time. The song became somewhat enjoyable once Tim joined, but in 2006, it was a plague from late-June onward.

Dancing Nancies: I miss the improv 'drunken man' intros. I actually forgot all about them, so this was nice to hear. Other than that, a pretty standard version but a good one.

Warehouse: The second classic segue of the night. 2006 was an awesome year for Warehouse too, made even better here with Richard Hardy on flute. What I had forgotten completely is that Roi and Richard actually play on top of eachother here. I also forgot Louie Louie was interpolated. Such a fun performance.

You Might Die Trying: Richard Hardy doesn't add much here but it's fun to go back and hear this early development on YMDT. This was around when the new outro piece/ending was introduced. It all feels so timid and a bit hollow compared to what it became. Step 1, before punching it up even more in 2007, then unleashing its awesomeness with Tim in 2008. Good placement here I think.

Hunger for the Great Light: Meh. Teh energy.

Watchtower: Robert Randolph on Watchtower is as good as he gets, IMO. Bayou and Smooth Rider were dumped on night 2, but night 1 got this great performance. Good intro too.


Sister: Never been a fan.

So Right: I really fell in love with this song in 2006 and loved Rashawn's solos. I prefer Jeff now, but these were refreshing versions, and the segue into Ants was about as feel-good as any way to end a show.

Ants Marching: Solid energized performance to cap off a show.

Overall, the show is actually better than I remember. It has a great slow-burn buildup and a great mix of fan faves, rarities, and great moments for great guests. It's not a perfect show by any means, and not a MUST-LISTEN, but it's a solid B+ from me.
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Moore Soul
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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
I use it :-X
Originally Posted by sean52692 View Post
I would love if we had a big huge running list of our show rankings.
Thank you both for the feedback. I'll get working on updating the list then. I'll just need a little bit of time .
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You failed this band
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Show ratings wise, I think I was thinking of that "rate a show you just checked out" thread which had that big post of show ratings getting updated in the first post.
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2/16/96, Pepin Gymnasium, Middlebury, VT
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You failed this band
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One Sweet World: pretty standard, Stefan sounds really good on this though.
Proudest: nice and laid back, ok little Rashawn solo, I like Dave’s antics in the outro.
Satellite: with Boyd and LeRoi is a beautiful thing. On setlists Satellite always looks like a meh but I always enjoy Satellite.
Dreamgirl: Relaxed, laid back show so far is right. I have always liked the chords Dave starts playing as they go into Roi’s solo outro. The length in this version is just in my sweet spot for this song, as is the placement in the set.
BEF: Good improv lyric on the fly. I like Butch lightly in the outro but miss Roi’s pennywhistle.
Grey Street: interesting transition, Carter’s intro missed the mark a little.
IOY: Love 2006 versions, this one sounded great.
Loving Wings: Really quiet performance until the jam erupts. I did hear Rashawn playing a smidge in the background of the verses. Love what RR/Roi do with the horn section jam and Carter kills that outro. Most energetic part of the show so far was this outro and I needed that.
Crash: Not great slotting here…
The Last Stop: Here we go. Boyd sounds great. Really nice version, I enjoy the outro after the reprise with some nice piano and percussion with Dave singing “yes I do” - highlight of the show thus far.
Can't Stop: I can't decide whether I like 2006 or 4.0 versions better. 2006 versions were a bit lighter on the ears and a bit easier to stomach.
Dancing Nancies: Good intro, solid version
Warehouse: Dug what Richard Hardy added, totally cool that this was his first guest spot since 1993 - sort of wanted more from him on this performance though
YMDT: Song is still developing, this was pretty rough.
HFTGL: Terrible slotting, yikes.
AATW: Randolph killed this version, really enjoyed it.
Sister: Standard
So Right: Liked hearing Boyd play along to this and Rashawn's additions were cool.
Ants: Standard, good finish to the show.

Show rating: **1/2
Live Trax desire: *
Currently listening to:
2/16/96, Pepin Gymnasium, Middlebury, VT
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You failed this band
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Now a casual review of 12/7/93:

Drive In Drive Out: Mostly improv lyrics. I love the melody Dave is feeling out in the chorus.
IBYU: Dave has a little hiccup on guitar. Mostly it’s a beautiful version.
Nature > Tripping Billies: Legendary intro, absolutely fantastic! I have listened to this version so many times over the years. Billies is great as well.
OSW: Love hearing Fonz and Timmy on this one. LeRoi sounds great.
Jane: The “outro intro” is superb. Again, love hearing what Fonzy and Tim are doing.
Help Myself: nice
#36: Tim’s fills in the intro are cool. Dave sounded good on vocals and Roi was smooth. One of the better early versions.
Dancing Nancies: Boyd’s playing while not perfect throughout this was interesting. A lot of his Nancies solos in 1993 hit my sweet spot because he would approach them differently quite often / extend them. Tim/Roi get solos.
Set Break
Say Goodbye: Really unique early D&T with Tim on the electric guitar. Love it. Dave’s vocals got pretty passionate in last chorus.
Carter & Tim Jam: 20th Century Fox Intro. Doesn’t have much of a direction. Dave plays some light harmonics at the end. Also, man they were on stage for a long time after Say Bye before they started playing this.
Ants Marching: fairly standard 93 version.
Jimi Thing: I dig the riff BT/Roi were playing throughout this one. Nice Tim solo.
Minarets: Subdued intro compared to 12/8. But good.
Two Step: Been a while since I’ve put on a pre-1995 Two Step. This hit the spot.
Warehouse: excellent, the intro already sounds so good. Amazing how great DMB was just a couple years in.

Cool hearing Dave plug the upcoming 12/12/93 D&T show throughout the night. BT chimes in for a plug as well and tells the crowd to check out Tim’s album Stream. Before Warehouse Carter tells Dave to give Tim’s solo shows a plug. 1993 in Virginia was fucking the best.

Audio Quality: ***1/4. It's a decent sbd but there is something strange about it, sort of feels like you're listening to the band in a tin can.
Show Rating: ****1/4
Live Trax desire: **** Packaged with 12/8, it would be a great selection.
Currently listening to:
2/16/96, Pepin Gymnasium, Middlebury, VT
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