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Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
For some reason, whenever I connect my iPhone to my car it plays the A Team by Ed Sheeran even though that song isn't actually on my phone.
Mine plays A Punk by Vampire Weekend
- Joe -
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Originally Posted by NiCK Crush View Post
What nights are considered the standouts thus far?
A lot of people are high on 7/25, the "Jam Filled" night, but it really depends on your taste and what kind of Phish you enjoy. I liked the Lawn Boy jam a lot , but aside from that, I thought it was a show that's not going to hold up on tape as much..I think it was a more of "you had to be there" kind of thing.

In terms of actual tightness and technical skill, I found the 1st set of 7/29 Cinnamon night was really high energy and well played including a really great version of "I Am The Walrus" one of the best played covers of the run--they nailed it.

1st set and ending of the second set of 7/26 Double Chocolate was also really awesome. I think the double chocolate show will end up being regarded as a top 5 show from the run, it's just very tight throughout and some great playing from Trey, specifically on Rock And Roll, Number Line and Chalkdust.

Out of the 7 shows I saw, I'd say my favorite ones were 7/23 (Red Velvet which had some killer first set It's Ice and second set Wolfmans), 8/4 (Lemon/Radiohead night, which had a really fun and unpredictable first set, and an epic jammy second set with probbaly my favorite jam of the run in "scents and subtle sounds") and the last night,.
Night 13 (Sprinkles). The Isabella was just insanely good and had pretty much everything you could want from a Phish show..I would say just well-rounded.
S'cuse me. (spits out Ricola) Its just so I know where it is, so I can get it after. Can't waste it, Ricola's delicious."-- DJM
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