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Originally Posted by dmb1981 View Post
It's been great for 25 years.
Yeah it's always top notch. I just really like Buddy and Carter jaming together a lot.
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Originally Posted by mrpeters View Post
Just to clarify -- these differ from TurboPGT's captures because they DON'T actually use the "Web Player" -- they just use the "backend" servers that feed devices like the web player, mobile phones, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.

I appreciate Turbo's efforts because he certainly saved us with Deer Creek N1 when I was at the show, but his method (using Camtasia, a screen recording app) just records what the sound card "hears" and plays through your speakers. It's subject to processing (EQ, volume, bitrate/bit depth changes) by the operating system, and usually has to be captured at about 95% of the actual volume.

The process for the "siriusxm" labeled sources eliminates all of that. Every packet distributed is grabbed and merged in it's original broadcast format. There is no post-processing other than to convert to WAV to split tracks and then to FLAC so the quality isn't made further "lossy" (the original source is of course "lossy" at 256kbps instead of 1411kbps) by going to FLAC for seeding.

So, TL;DR the 'siriusxmwebplayer' versions should be higher quality?
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Originally Posted by rvn10manu View Post
So, TL;DR the 'siriusxmwebplayer' versions should be higher quality?
You won't have to crank your playback device way up, that's for sure. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who could blindly tell the difference between them, other than volume and any processing the recorder's sound card / operating system might have done, but for me I like a true 1:1 copy of those 1's and 0's that were originally streamed out.

Honestly, I'd prefer to keep them as ADTS AAC files, but people would bitch about finding a way to play them and all of that fun!
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Oh wow, what the hell did they do to ODH? They took it right back to the shit versions of 2005. Carter back to playing it like a machine, very little Tim and Jeff. Jesus. The Gorge 2016 one and this one are night and day.
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