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Klinsmann out, please.

This US team has done nothing under his "leadership," it's my opinion that they've actually regressed in terms of tactics and results.

I know people like to point to the 2014 World Cup and talk about how he got us out of the Group of Death but anyone who actually watched those games knows we got outplayed, sometimes badly, in every single game.

Ghana - 2-1 win, stole a last minute winner against and finally got that monkey off our back. Still got ran all over the park and didn't deserve all 3 pts.

Portugal - 2-2 draw, gave up a last minute equalizer against a pretty poor Portugal team and a 50% CR7.

Germany 1-0 loss, hey we only lost 1-0 to Germany, that's a moral win, right? This game was ugly to watch, the gulf in class is about as wide as the oceans separating the two teams. Could've easily been 5-0.

Belgium Round of 16 - 2-1 Loss - This was the worst of the 4 games, absolutely hammered time and time again by Belgium and the only reason it wasn't 10-1 was a (literally) world record performance by Timmy Howard.

Gulati had the balls to fire him, now don't go and get stupid again by rehiring Arena.
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