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Good thread. I am a newer fan. Always loved the World Cup going back to watching with my high school friend in 1994, but had no idea what to do when it ended each year. After 2014 World Cup, I was talking to a co-worker who had moved from India to the US and is a huge soccer fan. He wanted to learn more about the NFL and football, so we did a cultural exchange and I adopted his team Arsenal, he adopted my team the Bengals (poor fuckers, both of us).

Despite being a fan for all of two years, I am all in. I know more BPL players than NFL players at this point and could name a starting XI for all 20 clubs. My dad and I (with my wife) went to London in October and I saw both West Brom at Palace and Southampton at Chelsea on Saturday and then ManU at Arsenal on Sunday. Really one of the best weekends in my life.

That is awesome! I had a same experience growing up with Brazilians in Massachusetts when I was younger. I choose my own club team from Brazil (Corinthians), and they choose their own NFL team and we taught each other. I still love American football, and I am a diehard Buffalo Bills fan, but soccer is my favorite sport.

I think it's great how this game is when we approach it with an open mind.
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So much dmb >
Anyone seen the dmb >
Too Much dmb
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