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World Futbol Thread: 2017 Confederations Cup, 2017 Gold Cup, 17/18 Season

I realized the other soccer thread was like 2011, so I decided to make a fresh and clean thread dedicated to all things soccer.

As for my Euro pick..I have to go with La Familia Roja, Spain.
My dark horse: Poland (This is actually a decent squad. Very talented wingers and centerbacks)

As for my Copa America pick...I go with Uruguay. (I would pick Brasil, but Dunga is killing the Nat'l Team)
My dark horse: Costa Rica (Very young and athletic team)

I would like the USA to do decent, but I hope to expect a good showing from this squad. I hope. Can't take a loss in the semi's like we did against Jamaica in the Gold Cup. If we burn out, then it is time for the German Wonder coach to go.

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