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Originally Posted by JustinC View Post
Nice tidy 3-1 win today and didn't even have Pogba.

11 shots
7 shot on goal
53% possession
3-1 Win

Last season it would have been
3 shots
1 shot on goal
68% possesion
1-0 Loss or 1-1 draw

But it's clear the sooner Rooney becomes just a rotation option the sooner the attack will improve. 5 years ago he has a hat trick with the chances he got today. Instead his 1 goal was a gift from Martial scuffing his shot and it bouncing to him for the easy head in and he just slows down play too much for a #10. I know it's fucked up but wouldn't mind if Rooney picks up a knock that keeps him out a couple of months
I was thinking almost the same thing about the shots/possession. You can tell it's still a team in transition but I'm excited to see some actual intent for a change.

Who would you like to see at the 10? Not disagreeing with you by any means, just curious who you would slot in there from the current roster.
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