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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
Caught fire? Is winning the only qualification for catching fire?

Round of 16 vs. Croatia - This was one of the worst matches I've ever seen. Won 1-0 in the 118th minute on a counter where neither team seemed to be trying.

Quarterfinal vs. Poland - This match wasn't any better, but at least there was a goal on each side.

Semifinal vs. Wales - Full props to Portugal. I wish Ramsey had played, but those are the rules and every team had yellow accumulation issues.

Final vs. France - already said my thoughts.

But they won them all and deserve the title because that is the end result. But catching fire? You guys can understand why no one wanted them to win when they slam a team for their playing style, then come out and play that style in three of the last four games including against 2 teams that they arguably should have come out and played their style, but didn't.

Group Stage:

Portugal played decent after the group stage. For the group games Portugal looked tired and boring. They picked it up however.
Advantage: Group Winners, Portugal was the Top 3rd Placed team.


They didn't deserve to beat Croatia, but they did. Croatia failed to score on 2 big chances, and looked timid at times. Portugal looked flat and made good HT decisions moving people around to a 4-4-2.
Advantage: Portugal

Poland: Poland played better in that game (imo), and both played for a draw. Poland absolutely was playing for a draw. Portugal was trying, but not their hardest in that game, imo.
Advantage: Portugal, but That's a 50/50 shot there. Poland missed a huge PK.

Wales was a good showing for Portugal
Advantage: Portugal

The Final...we know how that ended up.
Advantage: Portugal

So, when I say "caught fire" I might've used it in the wrong context. Portugal played well when they had too. To me, that's catching fire b/c no one had them in this Final, or even winning it. Playing an inspired game against Hungary, I believe the team caught fire after that game. (One of Ronaldo's best game as a Portuguese International, imo. He defended. He was the offensive catalyst. He scored twice. He set up 1 goal. He is Portugal's spark after Nani)
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