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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Dude, stop. If your dad beat you with a switch when you were 3 fucking years old he had serious problems too. Kids that age don't have the mental capacity to take anything positive from that 'lesson.' Anyone who has ever been around a 3 year old and has 1/2 a brain should know this. Kids that age need love and positive teaching. And if your dad whipped you in the testicles at any age he belongs in jail. Adrian Peterson belongs in jail for that. Period. That has nothing to do with the nation being pussies. Adrian Peterson is a deranged fucking moron who is perpetuating serious societal issues. Having a 'whuppin'' room in your house is sick sadistic behavior. And he can barely be considered a father. He is a fucking grade A piece of shit who happens to be good at footbaw and fucking chicks without protection.
Ooh, I missed this originally, but
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