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Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
I've been listening to podcasts more than ever over the past couple months. Here's the ones I enjoy, and I'm curious for any recommendations anyone else has, be it music, politics, sports, self-help, whatever.

My favorites right now-
1. Bulletproof Radio- hosted by Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletpoof Diet and Bulletproof Coffee. He's big into "bio-hacking" and has a lot of interesting guests talking about ways to improve your health, brain, performance, etc. (as an aside, I've been following to some extent the bulletproof diet for the past few weeks and have been losing weight and feeling fantastic).
2. 10% Happier- hosted by Dan Harris, ABC News Anchor who infamously had a panic attack on live TV, which ultimately led him to discover meditation. He talks to people who meditate, about meditation and other related topics (guests range from the Dalai Lama himself to celebrities). Meditation has been an important part of my life for the last couple of years, so I love this one.
3. Pardon My Take- a lot lighter than the first 2, a Barstool Sports podcast that my 19 year old son turned me on to.
4. Starting 9- a new Barstool Sports one, focused on baseball. If you want to hear them talk baseball, and also things such as ass-eating with Christian Yelich, while Dallas Braden occasionally pauses to rip a bong hit, you may like this one.

Some others I occasionally check out-
Fantasy football pods- either the ESPN Matthew Berry one or Pro Footballl Focus Fantasy with Jeff Radcliffe.
Brokedown Podcast- a monthly Dead podcast I recently checked out.
Helping Friendly Podcast- Phish. Have checked out on occasion.

The main reason I wrote this was b/c I was thinking before there must be a good rock music podcast that had a Tom Petty episode this past week, but I'm not aware of any.

If you got any podcasts you love, let us know.
Not big into Barstool in general but love these two, especially PMT
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This is the most absurd post I've ever made on a message board.
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