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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
January 15, 1997
Indiana University Auditorium (Indiana University)
Bloomington, Indiana

Dancing Nancies
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Angel From Montgomery
So Much To Say
Crash Into Me
One Sweet World
Lover Lay Down
Two Step
Say Goodbye
Let You Down
Too Much (Golden Years, Fame)
Christmas Song (All You Need Is Love)
You Are My Sanity (Tim solo)
Recently (On Broadway)
Lie In Our Graves
Proudest Monkey -->
Ants Marching
Tripping Billies
Warehouse (Louie, Louie)
Broke this one out for the ten year. Show has a warm feel to it throughout. #41 is one of my favorites acoustically behind Luther and 12.20.03. LOVE the Sweet Leaf intro to Jimi, always thought that was really cool, Tim really goes off on his solo. Dave plays Crazy when someone asks to play something new, finishing up Dave claims he never had played the song before and that it was the first time Tim had ever heard it. Always find these kind of performances very cool - kind of like Raven's return in '00. My favorite line:
"So here you and me play
Oh, hiding from discerning eyes, we stay
Oh, and tastelessly we stray
from the conventions that keep us blind
But if I choose to get higher
then why not let me fly?
I mean, if I choose to go at might
then why not let me fly?"
Between '97 and '00 Crazy was definately one of the more haunting songs Dave had ever written. Love it. Two Step, became a monster that tour, and it definately shows at this show. Say Goodbye is fantastic, Dave really hitting the strong note at the end. Another great line:
See me call
Ah, carpet soft as a bed of roses
and now I'm dreaming with you
Ah, to spill the wine and leave it we'll do
won't you wonder with me?
The show goes on with a cool, very dark, improv Jam, fitting for a tour that featured the Passion intro, Deed Is Done, Crazy, Blue Water, and Dreamed I Killed God. "My dance for all the evil...softer than the warm lips, in the Devil's tounge." The rest of the show is pretty standard for a '97. A very good Recently and Monkey. You can tell the Passion intro isnt near what it would be by the end of the month, but still a great Warehouse.

Overall i'd give this one a ****. Standard for that tour, but it has its moments of brilliance.
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