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Originally Posted by BrokenThings View Post
Can we take the article for what it is?
I put a lot of time into it.

Having said that,
If I owe you a B+P from over a decade ago, specifically the Dave Barry AUD pull from 7/9/2000 (?), please just PM me.
You're not going to skate around freely because 90% of the people you fucked over don't post on the boards anymore. And not only did you fuck them over, you were a complete asshole to every single one of them who tried to get their money back from you. You were almost as bad as Shambro with the exception that you weren't known for also screwing people over for tickets. And don't try and pass off a post I made of one of my interactions with you as simply a 'whoopsie daisy, i forgot to send it out' moment. I had 2 or 3 interactions with you, each resulting in you ripping me off further each time, with the glossy promise that you'll send everything you owed me.

If you owned it and said, "look i was an asshole and i fucked a lot of people over (tapes, cd's, money, postage, time) and i take responsibility and apologize" then that would at least be somewhat respectable but you still don't take responsibility for what you did. Being young and stupid is one thing, but you were also a total asshole to those that you already fucked over which is what put you in the circle of those guys to remember like Shambro and that DrmngTree girl from Nancies, so yes, I do remember the shit you pulled from "over a decade ago".
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