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Originally Posted by dissident View Post
steve albini's such a cunt

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As far as pop-culture news goes, the beginning of August is like one big donkey with a fly zipping lazily around its head. So thank goodness an aging loudmouth decided to criticize a group of up-and-coming loudmouths this week. First Steve Albini took to his recording studio’s website to relate an anecdote about sharing an airport shuttle in Barcelona with Odd Future, and now Tyler, The Creator has predictably taken to Twitter to turn this into a full-scale (by dog days of summer standards anyway) feud.

"[i] Feel like I have to defend myself," Tyler tweeted yesterday. "1. I don't know who the fuck Steve Albino is. 2. I don't 'Nigger everything in sight' 3. I never say fuck u to drivers. 4. We (Odd Future) never discuss how much we are making a show in public, ever. 5. Me nor anyone I know in my age group know who you are, old ass. Surprised you knew how to use a computer."

Chicagoist has more on the so-called “hot beef,” including this parting shot from Albini: "For what it's worth, that dude's voice is really cool, and they seem to be enjoying the ride. I didn't enjoy being around them, but that's hardly newsworthy." Oops, looks like the donkey is falling back asleep. [Via Spin]

more links in the actual article.
I'm going to lose your faith forever, but...

...fuck Odd Future. They're not worth the hype spent on them.
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