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Send this one to the WH management...this would be a really fun release to listen to and to have. I'd buy it in a heartbeat

DMB Live 30---The Guests

01 Love Of My Life (05.25.99 Giants Stadium w/ Chester Thompson, Bela Fleck, Carlos Santana, Lovely Ladies)
02 #36 (07.27.93 w/ Oteil Burbridge, Doug Wannamaker, Mike Durham)
02 Long Black Veil (09.04.00 w/ Emmylou Harris/Bela Fleck)
03 Exodus (12.13.00 w/ Warren Haynes)
04 Rhyme and Reason (07.16.16 w/ Joe Lawlor)
05 Typical Situation (07.31.15 w/ Branford Marsalis)
06 #41 (10.02.07 w/ John Mayer)
07 Jimi Thing (01.26.95 w/ Trey Anastasio)
08 Crush (06.03.98 w/ Mitch Rutman)
09 Smooth Rider (07.28.06 w/ Eric Krasno)
10 Angel (07.07.01 w/ Buddy Guy)
11 Two Step (06.12.94 w/ Warren Haynes)
12 Rockin' In The Free World (10.03.04 w/ Neil Young)
13 Lie In Our Graves (08.14.07 w/ Trey Anastasio)...................this one is long overdue, really surprised it hasn't popped up on a WH disc by now. Dave even mentioned that specific performance in an interview before about how he loved Trey's playing so much on that one night.

and of course you can throw in a track with Robert Randolph and some other notable guests, but those ones are all pretty unique versions of songs
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