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Originally Posted by roshea999 View Post
I think it sounds way better than radio city. The effects (auto tune?) on daves voice ruins it for me.

Radio City sounds pretty awful to me, this is miles, miles better. Radio City was very digital sounding, the guitars sounded very "plugged in". They actually sound "acoustic" here. The vocals are crisp and upfront and nothing is over compressed. Is it Luther? No. Surprisingly imo the best live mixes this band ever put out were some of the very first releases..because I guess they really took their time making it sound amazing, whereas now they pump these out fairly quickly.

Luther, Red Rocks, Listener Supported are by far the absolute perfect mixes this band has ever produced...followed closely by LT3 and CP. But to be honest I don't think any of these other releases have come close mix-wise. I was severely impressed with the '92 LT38 show, that one sounds phenomenal too. But in general, those first few are going to be hard to beat from a simple mixing perspective.

Worst mixes ever? Folsom and LT1 come to mind. A lot of the more recent stuff too from '09 on sounds just crappy to me. But to be fair, ALL of DMB's live releases sound billions of times better than any other band's live albums I've ever heard. Phish is the only other band who puts out live shows with similarly amazing high quality. Most other artists live shows sound pretty shitty.
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