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All I can advise is to get to the point where you can take things in the context they really exist in.

To face reality and tell yourself there are things you can't stand anymore, regardless of who or what causes them, really does take courage. And humility.

Opening up to yourself is the first step. Others hopefully will follow.

Remember there is no permanent solution to life's struggles, especially those assailing you from within. But there are coping mechanisms. Or put better, anodynes. It's up to you to discover the most useful ones, and then to nurture yourself with them.

But also don't forget you're not alone. You'll be doing the same for others through sheer example. It's surprising.

Lastly, don't ignore what makes you feel peaceful and content.

Much of this may sound trite. But it's absolutely necessary to live - and not just exist. Our attitudes give us the only freedom we can pass along.
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