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Well it means that the overdubs, which could easily be redone, were all done to 16-bit DAT and the final stereo mix also only exists as 16-bit DAT given that they transferred all the multitracks to DAT.

Should they ever wish to remix Billy Breathes, OR create a brand new 5.1 mix, they could go back to all those analogue reels and a) create new 24/96 mono files of the tracks to create a 5.1 mix from or b) create a new analogue stereo mix to cut vinyl from.

At least they're working from the flat stereo mix, so although the existing mastering isn't bad (dynamically it's around the same as UTTAD) I would expect with Bellman mastering from the flat DAT that the upcoming release will be the standard for the album for the foreseeable future.
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