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Originally Posted by dancetheham View Post
Honestly, I think they've always been around, they just didn't have a place to congregate online and feed off one another until Facebook blew up. You used to have to have a bit of Internet savvy to join a listserv, message board, etc., so it took some work to find a place to wallow in your obsessions, but that's not the case anymore.

What makes you think it was a coincidence? Maybe you know something I don't, but I've always assumed they played it that way in Albany to practice it for the Conan performance. Bands (including D&F/DMB) rearrange their songs for time constraints all the time when they play TV shows, and Grey Street was definitely long enough to have warranted such a cut for the show's time slot.

It could also be that because the show wasn't scripted, they gave them a specific time limit for the song they were going to air in full and told them not to worry about the other one going long because it would be cut with the credits anyway. Again, it's very common for bands to cut their songs for TV time constraints.
I fully agree with this post.
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