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Originally Posted by MaLaKaS View Post
They omitted the 3rd verse in order to make it fit (time wise for the segment) the Conan O'Brien show on 12.18.02. I wish this tv performance never happened because I guarantee that the full song would have stayed intact all these years.
Why is this still a thing? First truncated Grey Street was played in Albany the night before they did Conan. Dave decided to cut the 3rd verse and they reworked it in soundcheck, them doing Conan the next day was just a coincidence.

Conan would have let them play a full Grey Street, they would have just cut more of Grace is Gone from the broadcast.

Grace is actually why the "3rd verse was cut for Conan" thing doesn't add up because according to the almanac 5:15 of Grace made it on the air So why would Dave be forced by the show to cut down Grey Street when the show would have just cut more of Grace is Gone, as Grace was the song they used to play the show out which the last 30-40 seconds got cut from the broadcast.

I mean if it was really a time thing Dave would have just played WAYG which is under 4 minutes
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