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Originally Posted by Tambourine Man View Post
he could've used a car or explosives, don't blame it on the assault weapons. Also, hand guns are probably more effective at short range like that
yeah i highly doubt driving a car into a wall of the school would have killed as many kids as what he actually did.

this whole idea of "don't blame the guns" is such bullshit. yes, we all know the real responsible party is the person who pulled the trigger and actually thought to commit the crime. but don't act like guns and the relative ease of access to them doesn't make it a whole hell of a lot easier for loonies to commit these crimes.

look at china on the same day of Sandy Hook. guy wanted to take out a bunch of kids at a school but all he had was a knife. stabbed a lot of rugrats but no deaths.

there's a reason people aren't just voluntarily choosing to go on mass stabbing sprees and hit and run sprees instead of using a gun, it's because guns are the most effective.
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