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Originally Posted by typsitch View Post
Yet here I am trying to give Boyd the benefit of the doubt and I'm the always-negative insufferable one. Because I call out Dave and not Boyd. Yet you can't really argue any of the points.
Dave has always been idiosyncratic and strange, and for every brilliant improvised lyric there are 20 awful ones. I think nowadays he has much better stage presence and his voice the last few years has been fantastic compared to earlier tours. Your points are all valid, and he could certainly try harder if he wanted to, but that's true of all of them to a greater or lesser extent. Jeff could try and do random fills in Digging A Ditch. Rashawn could learn piano. Whatever.

My point is: Dave isn't perfect. Boyd is a disaster. There's a pretty clear goddamn difference, regardless of any reasons behind the situation, and you're just being an ass if you pretend not to agree.
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