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Originally Posted by Coster View Post
I don't know why people on this board always bring this up but most actors are the same way.
Gary Oldman is an exception. I think he's more talented than any of the actor I mentioned in my top 5 list. He is able to disappear completely into a role. Makeup helps obviously, but he's also incredible at accents.

I think, like with great friends, an actor can become a welcome face in a film. I know Bronson is going to almost always play the tough guy with a smirk on his face, but that's why I like him. It's like meeting an old friend. That is his gift, his charm, his genius. Any actor or actress like that might not be GREAT but they're damn good. Getting typecast doesn't help sometimes and few actors are like Laurence Olivier or Gary Oldman. Even an actor like Morgan Freeman. He doesn't disappear into his roles and you always know it's him, but that's why you love his acting. He makes a film better for his involvement.
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