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Originally Posted by Tambourine Man View Post
Big business is just gonna use "climate change" to regulate out their competition.

Just look at our food industry, an industry that's regulated out the ass. Factory farms are given a pass, but small family farms are REGULARLY raided by armed federal agents from the USDA and FDA.

Politicians will use climate change as a reason for our economic decline. "Oh sorry USA, you can't be rich anymore, you were only rich because you used to rape the environment"

It goes on and on...
no, it doesn't go on and on. Using climate change to create a better world will not tank our economy....You have been reading all the articles I've posted, right?

Renewable energy is cheaper right now in some states than having coal back-up plants and it's only getting cheaper. Driving EVs is about to be cheaper than driving an ICE (you know, the thing that runs on oil....)

Our economy is already starting to pull away from an oil based one. Our GDP was up slightly while adding more renewable than ever.

Oh, and you want to talk about regulation? How about the oil companies saying how much we pay for gas? This started from the 1900s and goes all the way to OPEC now. You want to not be controlled by "Big Business", buy an EV like me.

With an EV, you are not tied to how much gas costs anymore. You know what your price will always be - it's your electricity cost per kWh. Now let's go one step further, don't want to be tied to the "BIG BUSINESS" of utilities telling you what your price will be in your area? Get solar.

So now you have solar and an EV, telling the "Big Business" to go fuck itself while helping the planet.

Oh, one more thing - IF we don't do something as a human race, not just the USA but the whole planet, then future generations will have a hard time living here.

I usually don't like to add this type of stuff in here and try to keep it based on articles of data, but you need to understand you are coming at it from the wrong angle.

Bonus round: Here is some great political gaming:

Media coverage since 2006 to now showing politicians flip-flopping over climate change.

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