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Dave solo show in Cleveland, April 20

Originally Posted by greykitkat36 View Post
Yeah. Dave does seem to enjoy throwing us a bone (the hardcores). Clearly he has a handful of songs he loves to beat into the ground on a given tour, but he's usually not the problem when it comes to busting stuff out. (Just look at his solo sets and D+T sets..much more varied) He was also the one in 2010 to suggest bringing back Hello Again and opening a show up with it. I still think a lot of the staleness is to be blamed on Carter. Tim, Jeff and Rashawn I doubt care what gets played and Boyd was checked out. Stefan is always into busting stuff out and asking fans what they want to hear and Dave seems willing as well. Obviously I'm speculating and am being unfair because I have no idea, but I'm willing to bet that Carter is the one who says no to a lot of stuff, which is unfortunate.

As time goes on over the years, I view Carter as a drama queen or pre-madonna more and more. Once my favorite band member, he has become my least favorite band member (of the core 5). The dude caused so many problems over the years, but Dave always ballwashed him.
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let the children write the sets

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