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Opinions and advice appreciated as big decision looms

Decided to post this here since I don't consider either 'work' scenarios sucking... plus this affects the future of my family more than anything, so here goes:

I've recently been presented with an opportunity that will, perhaps, have just as much long-term provenance as it does short-term... if not more. If you have the patience enough to read all of this, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback and advice.

Quick Backstory: Coming out of school in 2008, there wasn't much in terms of jobs to be had. Thankfully I had a family business to fall back on and spent 2-3 years working with my hands and doing relatively 'hard labor' for my grandfather's countertop business. After 3 years of installing granite countertops, I grew frustrated with the top-heavy company that he has run for over 50 years with his 3 sons alongside (my three uncles, brothers to my mother). Because of this, along with my grandfather's dragging his feet on making me a salesmen, I moved on to the current job I hold.

The Decision to be made:
Currently, I've held the title of Production Manager at a concrete foundation manufacturing company, a corporate company that boasts the largest post-tension cable production in its market. Along with this job came these (good/bad[?], you decide):
-Upward mobility
-Corporate benefits (insurance, etc)
-Corporate Credit Card (I.e. purchasing power)
-Company cell phone
-My own office
-Overtime hours under salary position (that is lower than the industry average)
-Monthly inventory requirements
-80% of the day behind a computer
-Multiple branch locations; more than likely opportunity to manage a branch in another city one day, perhaps even make corporate
-Dealing with Corporate on a daily basis

Recently, one of my uncles has announced that he is leaving the family business. The position that will be left open is one of the most important to the company, managing/running the granite shop. Naturally, as I've earned production management skills in recent years at my current job, I've also known the countertop business and therefore am the choice candidate to take over for my uncle. There are other things at play here. My grandfather is a micro-manager and still cuts wooden tops at the shop at the age of 77. He still runs things his way, that has brought him success for over 50 years. Every shop drawing is done on paper, drafted by hand. There is a need for the entire operation to become more automated and more efficient.

My grandfather has officially offered me the job, and I have all of 'The Hand' (in Seinfeld-speak) in the matter. He has admitted that he treated me wrong in the past, and knows that I am the only member of the 3rd generation that can bring good things to the company. I am also the only person that would have worked at the shop, left to acquire new knowledge from a major industry player, and then come back to the counter top business offering what I've learned... Here are the things that this position has to offer:

-401k/Insurance (mom-and-pop shop, so not nearly as good as a corporate gig)
-Company vehicle (gas, insurance, payments all made by the company)
-Flexible schedule (could be good with kids in our hopeful future)
-Company Credit Card
-Company cell phone
-More money initially but...
-Not as much upward mobility
-The ability to implement my own processes to help the company become more efficient, IF my grandfather is willing to let me have that kind of control (a big 'if')
-More of a hands-on role in fabrication (something I quite enjoy from my time installing)
-Job and location security
-here's the kicker... a cut of company ownership (given my mother's 15% of the company, and probably more throughout the years)

Basically... this job would give me the chance to re-vamp a company that desperately needs it, and put my own fingerprint on it to succeed moving forward. In due time... it might be considered 'MY company'.

So... what would you guys do?
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