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Shoreline Amphitheatre - 9.8.06

Big Eyed Fish -->
If I Had it All
Loving Wings
Crash Into Me
Hunger for the Great Light
The Idea of You
Grey Street
Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd
Can't Stop
The Last Stop
Dancing Nancies
What Would You Say
Jam* -->
Louisiana Bayou*
So Right

This is a pretty damn difficult show for me to grade. The Everyday opener is pretty neutral for me (it doesn't bug me nearly as much as most around here), but I really wasn't a fan of Fishtender in the 2/3 slot. Especially after a mellow opener, IMO Fish is way too dreary at that point. Carter and Butch have some nice work in Bartender, and Dave really gets into this version, but the Leroi/Rashawn is just WAY too drawn out. Things really don't get much better the next few songs, as the If I Had it All/Loving Wings/Crash run keeps things really, really mellow (despite Leroi and Rashawn's best attempts at spicing up the first two of that run). Of course, I probably shouldn't have begged about energy with Hunger coming up at that point. A very nice Idea of You and Grey Street seem to get things moving, finally, but Stolen Away and Can't Stop back to back is just brutal (after the Dave solo version, I had almost forgotten how bad the guitarless, slow Can't Stop was). This show up to this point just can't get any sort of momentum. The Last Stop is absolutely perfect right here, and this is a real nice and tight '06 version (props in particular to the horns again and to Carter). I love where they took this song last year, and it really breathed some life into this set. Nancies and WWYS were a nice follow up before the "improv" intro and Bayou with RR to close. I really dig the "improv" in particular; hopefully whatever song this is shows up this year, and Bayou with RR and Rashawn are just a great fit. So Right is pretty badass with great work by Rashawn and Carter in particular, before Stay closes things out.

So all in all, some real good playing by the band and a nice end run salvages a pretty awful setlist. Again, tough for me to grade this one. I'll give it 2.5 stars (their playing rates 3-3.5 stars, making up for at best a 2 star setlist).
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