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Good memory. Yes. He drew my wife pictures and kissed her at 2/14/96. She was just 16. But, in fairness to him, it was on a college campus and he was still pretty young himself. He could have easily thought she was a freshman or something. But, it was definitely creepy enough for our friend’a dad (who is friends with tim) to get her out of there asap. He also seemed to he on a tare then (that intro to say bye at... middlebury? 2/16?).

Amother old friend had a lot of stories when he was at uva in a similar timeframe. Apparently dave was around the dorms a lot.
These kind of stories resonate with me. I thought I'd seen you mention that over the years. I lost respect for Dave when I read that. Sorry to bring it up if it's not a pleasant memory. Thanks for responding.
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