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Originally Posted by ThememanXX View Post

I can't stop collecting these damn Funko POP! figures. I'd like to think they'll be valuable enough in a few years to sell off, but I also half-feel like they'll be the next Beanie Babies craze.
We have a lot. Probably close to 100 at this point. They make one for literally everything I like except maybe Seinfeld.

So we started doing Game of Thrones, but not expanding past that or we would have been drowning in them. But Valentine's Day we do a random Funko exchange. Then we started with one always being part of Christmas to each other.

Then they started making Potter ones.

Then what am I supposed to do... not buy an Iron Sheik? or a Toasted Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? or Wedge Antilles in a Snowspeeder? or Q*Bert? and it spiraled a bit from there. But generally we keep up with the Potter, GoT (biggest mistake I made was not spending $50 for a SDCC Ned a few years ago which now goes for over $700), and any other essentials.
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