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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
Let's just come to an agreement to stop replying to each other's posts. Ignored posts are annoying, I don't want to keep ignoring and unignoring you. Can we just pretend that neither of us exist to each other, no matter how wrong I think you are or how wrong you think I am?

After all, I said they "might not." We have an airport in Cincinnati that celebs fly into. I wasn't being specific saying they would not. You replied like that because you always reply to my posts like that. You live in Philly, I've flown through Philly 30 times this year alone, I'm not entirely ignorant of Philly airport. There wasn't any need to be a dick. Everyone here including you and I are better off this way.
Or you could just not post when you don't know what you're talking about. This whole pope thing is an enormous region wide disaster. Jason is absolutely correct to have actively avoided it, but he screwed up reading the calendar and now he's fucked. You pooh poohing it is just bad advice

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