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Originally Posted by Jonas View Post
What game did you watch? At the end of the year that will be Murrays breakout performance. That game was executed perfectly. For every move SC made we were right there with them. Not to mention we finally put that big bastard in his place.

Gurley/Murray for Heisman. Gurley for sure, let me see how Aaron reacts to LSU and I'll pull all stops and vote the fuck out of him.

Gators game wasnt surprising, Driskel needs to be sat and they need to start looking towards the future. They havent even played an SEC game and they are considering their season over lol.
Do you actually spend the time to look at the post's details before a knee-jerk reaction.

I posted that at halftime. And... at the time... Shaw was looking better than Murray IMO. I didn't say Murray looked bad. It was tied, Shaw's two TD passes were just about as perfect as you could fucking put em...

Yes, in the end Murray looked like a fucking beast. I'm not out to rail on your dawgs dawg...
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