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electric raised-b guitar!

so, someone found a cheap travel guitar and gave it to me because they know i like musical gadgets... at first, i didn't really think i'd do much with it, but one day i was like, 'huh, i wonder what this would sound like as a raised-b/soprano kind of electric guitar'. so with a 250$ budget, i went to my local guitar repair shop here in tucson and asked if they had any recommendations for how i could fix this thing up and make it sound right in that higher tuning.
well, they suggested one of the new Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups, and locking tuners, and with some tricky re-wiring/adding a switch, this thing sounds really f-ing cool. sounds very sparkle-y on the clean channel, and with distortion, it's very bizarre (in a good way).

anyone ever done anything like this with any of their guitars? i'm very surprised at how well the raised tuning sounds through an electric. i thought it would be a bit too thin/tinny for my tastes, but it really works.

anyway, no real reason for this post, but I thought I'd just share for anyone interested. maybe I'll get around to posting a clip.

oh, and it's this guitar, apparently:

with this pickup:

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