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Originally Posted by DIDO36 View Post
Yeah I agree about 2001 being really fucking shitty when it comes to the bands direction. If you think about it, they lost a whole lot of the fanbase after that tour. They went from playing huge football stadiums in 2001, to just playing basketball arenas and ampatheatre's only in 2002. The band was still big (certainly bigger then now) but I feel like a chunk of the fan base was lost. Or maybe they just didn't want to play football stadiums anymore IDK.

As far as sound... in 2001 they were still damn good
RCA is also a reason why DMB didn't play any stadium shows in 2002. You'd figure they'd scale it back to like playing 1 or 2 Giants Stadium shows because of the lack of full and quick sell-outs of all those stadium gigs in '01, but RCA pulled a lot of road money from DMB at that time so the band/management decided to scrap Stadium gigs altogether, which meant not even a single Giants Stadium show, which imo, would have most certainly sold out.

There was definitely a strain on the relationship with label and band for those few years '00 - '02.
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