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Originally Posted by willndmb View Post
how much space does having artwork included with your iTunes take up?
i am guessing not to much but my iPod is almost maxed out so if i can delete some it might make a difference
Yes, like jdub said it depends on what you put in there. I keep everything at 500x500, 72dpi. I think that's big enough to look good blown up and shows enough detail, but is small enough to keep file sizes reasonable.

Even then the cover art file can be up to 150 KB ish, and you're appending that to each MP3 file*. So expect to add about a megabyte for art for each disc when you're all done.

Me, I think it's worth it

*Art downloaded automatically in iTunes or by right clicking files you've ripped and choosing "Get Album Art" doesn't actually get appended to each file but stored as a separate file and linked in the iTunes DB, so it saves a bit of space but doesn't get transferred with the music file. Art that comes with purchased songs from iTunes Store or Amazon is embedded in each file. Art added manually (like this DMB stuff) in most cases gets embedded too, which I think is the best method so it stays with the file.
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