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Originally Posted by drummerkrf View Post

So... what would you guys do?

Bluewater hit the nail on the head when asking about the uncles. That was my main concern when reading about what otherwise seems the better choice. With the uncles involved, and your grandfather's age, you certainly may want to get some things in writing in the form of an employment agreement and/or shareholder agreement (if/when you get ownership interest) to fully protect yourself.

My advice is to go back to work for the family business. I have a relevant perspective on this. I am in a family business that I joined almost 20 years ago (since August '95). You remind me of myself in the sense that you will bring some new insight and things to the table that I similarly did then. I helped the business grow a lot over the last 20 years, and we fortunately have been very successful.

You mentioned the flexible schedule that the new career would allow. I can't tell you how important and wonderful it is to be able have control over your schedule, especially when you have kids and will start wanting to leave early for games and practices, etc., and take certain days off for whatever reason, vacation when you want to, etc.

I worked harder initially than I do now, but I've gotten to the point where I'm doing very well financially and have the total freedom and control over my schedule, and it is great, and sounds like you're best route to getting there would be going back to Grandpa's business.
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