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Originally Posted by Tambourine Man View Post
Agreed, typical “ugly American” behavior in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. No amount of money could make me crass enough to watch a concert from a pool. I guess that makes me a hater

The set list proper looks fantastic. All the power slots have surprising songs. Goddamn what a treat to hear Typical with no Rashawn
Yeesh. Looks like living the dream to me. Being in a pool with loved ones, having a drink in the sun, on vacation, watching a world class musician poolside. That'd feel pretty damn special. The only reason I would hate on it is out of fucking envy.
That being said, there's a good reason I'm not at these shows, or last year's. These Mexico resort shows cross a line of extravagance even I can't fork over money for. And I've seen DMB at the Gorge like 5 times, and in Europe twice, and all over the US for dozens upon dozens of shows. But you need to have some serious extra coin to buy into these Mexico shows (right after the holiday season no less). But, I have no basis to hate on it. Supply and demand. If there's demand, power to them for supplying the experience.

The fact that there seems to be nobody from TDC, and basically nobody on Ants, at these shows makes me wonder who the hell these people are going to these shows, and selling them out no less.
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