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Just heard from Ronn Dunnett. He got to see and talk with Carter and Henry at last night's Gorge performance.

He said that Carter got a new 6.5x13" timbale. He didn't mention any other specs though. So we should see that added to his kit sometime soon. I can't wait to see how it looks and hear how it sounds.

As you may know Ronn assigns unique serial names to all of the drums he makes. They're written on the inside of the shell next to Ronn's signature. Well he named this new timable "JustinX2" after myself and another huge Carter fan, also named Justin and also serving in the Army. The other Justin is the one that Ronn produced the Firedancer titanium snare for if you remember. So that's cool as shit and has me real excited!

Ronn also sent me some good quality photos...

These images had to be scaled down but the full size ones are glorious.
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