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Well as long as spencer is going reasonable and by that I mean feel personally attacked because I don't share his taste in comedy I'll continue discussing this...

What you guys are missing is I want to like CK, his style SHOULD fit my taste, but I can't get more than a few laughs out of an hour routine. Most of it just sounds juvenile, rubs me the same way Dane Cook does... just stating the obvious in his own way... except CK's way seems to be by just taking it over the top to the point that it just sounds forced. I'm going to find another one of his specials and give him one more shot. Obviously I'm not allowed to question him so I won't bother bringing it up again unless I suddenly have a change of heart, so we'll just leave it there.

Also I'm not even close to the only person who thinks stewart is a shithead, but we're not going there.
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