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July 6, 2002 - MARS Music Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, Florida

Tight Rapunzel opener followed by a kick to the nuts with If I Had It All. I listened to this without looking at the set, or the previous night's. So Right was pretty good, Grey Street was great. Loving Wings was new and boring. Highlight of the show was probably Jimi, 2002 being it's best year, IMO. They absolutely EXPLODE into the last chorus and the musical theme they toyed with often that year followed into a great solo by Dave. Probably after 5/23, it's my favorite version of the year. I always love Fool to Think and You Never Know. I remembered seemingly ever single encore that tour being Gravedigger - What You Are, so Ants was a great surprise. Still though, the show wasn't great, few standout song versions. ** 3/4

Pantala Naga Pampa »
If I Had It All
So Much To Say
So Right
Crash Into Me
Grey Street
Jimi Thing
Loving Wings »
Where Are You Going?
Fool To Think
You Never Know
The Space Between
Too Much
Two Step
Gravedigger *
Ants Marching

* - Dave solo
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