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I agree with all that to a degree, but to act like this just started I think isn't quite there. I mean, once you're number one on the Billboard charts, going on TRL, playing Giants Stadium, having band members star in Twix commercials, etc. etc. etc. you're already pretty much playing ball with corporate America. I just think we noticed less cause people overall seemed to like the music more.

I think the Phillip Morris thing is something that seems a bit different, but I don't really feel like they went from 0 to 60 in the span of a few years. They've never been Fugazi or even Pearl Jam; I feel like there were no illusions that they were interested in being a mainstream band. So although I like that he supports stuff like Farm Aid and other things that keep a check on overt corporatization, there's always been some disingenuousness there.
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