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I think Dave has been somewhat of a conservationist and has supported things like Farm Air and saving the family farm as well as pushing an agrarian and natural way of growing one's own food. He has stood for non-corporate thinking, and has supported "Vote for Change" and other causes that have had overtones of middle-class, eco-friendly agendas. One of the major platforms that many of the causes that he has championed is that of anti-big business, with power being given to the people to think globally and act locally. Dave's recent support and involvement of large corporations is somewhat disturbing to me, and shows a lack of commitment to his own ideals, which he has made known many times through interviews, charity involvement and even song lyrics (as has been already pointed out).

Dave and the band can do what they want....they're stars and are more socially relevant than I should even hope to be. I find it disturbing, however, that Dave Matthews (a man that I have a great amount of respect for as a musician and as a very outspoken and noticeable member of society) can stand for some causes while seemingly participate in the support and glorification of corporations that epistemologically seem to conflict with the causes that he champions.
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