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Originally Posted by Tomacco View Post
I would say the almanac is a better source than your iTunes library. I wouldn’t say they’ve gone down in length a lot, but by and large they’re a few minutes shorter than they became in 2006-07.

2019 versions range from the 15-18 minute range (which is a bit longer than I realized).
But, These are all 18-23 minutes:
Yeah for sure Bartender is a good 3-5 minutes shorter now, Carter really used to the drag the hell out of shit fading out for minutes. That was the one thing that annoyed me about DMB 2.0..there was a lot of that 3-4 minutes and just fading out with nothing happening, where they could have played another song. It wasn't like it a was a solo or a jam, it was just getting quieter. They did that on almost every major jam song too back then..(Two Step, LIOG, Bartender, Seek Up etc.) It's definitely been cut back for the better. Though I'm sure some people would still rather see them fade out then cram a You And Me or Grey Street in there.

But in general all songs have been shorter. Just look at sets from 98-02, they have like 14-15 songs, the band plays at least 19 now sometimes more per show.
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