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Originally Posted by somf4eva View Post
I am as well. I have seen a lot of blowback on reddit about the graphics for this new game(compared to BOTW) as well as not all pokemon being in the game (as in you cannot import some pokemon because they do not exist). That seems quite lame and a let down for the first major game in the series on a console.
I have seen very few complaints about the graphics, because everyone seems in love with the Pokemon character models. I think they look awesome.

However, not being able to bring in your stored guys from past games if they aren't in the current game is huge let down. I get it. There will be 1000 different hi-res character models (including form and gender differences - double it to include shinies). it's a big undertaking to make that happen. But the fact that they don't have plans to patch the game later, and they said it was a new direct going forward, has people furious.

It's all going to come down the functionality of Home. If you can do anything worthwhile with them, that's one thing. But once you move them to Home, you can't send them back to say Ultra Sun. They're stuck in purgatory.
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