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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
I wouldn't get my hopes up. You have two competing ideas. The "get out a recent Summer Tour release later in the year" and the UTTAD promo.

With the exception of 2012 and granted 2013 was later than normal, they have done this every single year going back to 2002, even when they weren't releasing 6 shows a year. Just looking at the release chart on the almanac, you have to assume it would be a 2014 as the next release.
They've only re-released one album, and they bundled that album with a show contemporary to it. Why on earth would it make sense to bundle the re-release of UtTaD with a show from 2014?

This is what wrote about the R2T Bundle:
Also available is Live Trax, Vol 30, 8.16.93-8.18.93, The Muse, Nantucket, MA, a perfect companion to the reissue of Remember Two Things and takes the listener to a certain place and sound in DMB history. There couldn’t be a more comprehensive picture of what it was to witness the band at this time.

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